Sessions menu

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These menus are accessible for all office users.


In the sessions menu you can find to links.

  1. Show sessions ready for test taking (*)
  2. Show in progress sessions (*)
  3. Show report ready sessions (*)
  4. Show archived sessions (*)
  5. New Session

All links marked with an asterisk (*) lead to a list of sessions that are in that particular state. The New Session link leads to the "Create new candidate session" screen.

Overview screens


In the session list you can see a list of sessions which are in the state as selected in the menu. To use the filtering options simple fill in a text and press the hourglass icon. The list will be filtered with your text.

Create new candidate session

Please see prepare your first test to read an explanation on using this screen.

Edit or view an existing candidate session

Depending on the state the session is in the session edit and view screen changes.

When a session is waiting to be started you will see the following screen


When a session is started you will see that reflected on the screen. The progress indicators will automatically update so you can monitor session progress.


If your session contains multiple tests then you can start reporting on that test as soon as it is finished. If you want to add a test during test taking then this is possible using the "Change session" button. You can view the answers to the session with the "View answers" button. To change or check the answers (for example to grant points to a written essay, or add comments to written text) then press the "Check answers" button. PLEASE NOTE : results of commercial (paid tests) can only be edited 24 hours after finishing the test! This really is the date and time the TEST is finished. In case you have multiple tests in your session then this test end date can be different from the session end date (which you can see in the interface). If you would like to delete the test which cannot be undone then press the "Delete test" button. If narrative reports are available for this test then press the "Reports" button to view them.


Candidates can stop the test during the session. If they do so and you would like to remind them to continue the session then press the "Resend invitation" button. If they forgot their password then use the "Reset password and resend" button. This will reset the password, so use with care. If they have problems taking the test then press the button "Reset password and start now". This will reset the password and immediately redirect to the login screen where all information is entered. Simply press login and ask the candidate to start or continue with the test taking.

If the candidate is unable to continue the you can archive or delete this session altogether. Press the appropriate button to do so. Archived sessions are removed from all regular overview so they do not bother you any more, but are NOT deleted. The candidate associated with the session will be archived as well. Deleting sessions cannot be undone, so use with care. To download an archive with your current reports and scores press the Download session results archive button.

When all tests in the session are finished you will see the screen as per the example below this text. Usage of the buttons has already been explained. Viewing of reports is explained below.


View and change session report

If narrative reports are available for a test in your session the Test Reports button will automatically appear. If you press this button you end up in the reports editor.


To change the report currently showing click on Select your report and select the report of your choice.

You can change the text in the report using the editor. The buttons are Save for saving your changes to the report as currently shown on screen. If you want to undo all your changes to the report then press Remove changes to standard report. To show the unmodified report (in case you made changes) press the Show unmodified report button. To revert back to your changes report press Show modified report.