Prepare your first test

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When you get an account on the ITR you will also find a URL included in the invitation e-mail. It may also be that someone writes this on a piece of paper or gives this to you in some other way.

If you prefer to watch a video please :

You can download this video from


Open your browser and copy or type the URL in the browser. The login screen will show.


Type the user id and password in the appropriate fields. Change the language to the language you want if desired. Then press the Login button. If you have typed your user id and password correctly then you will be logged in to the office part of the ITR. If the system was unable to log you in the retry, you most likely mistyped the password.

The first time you log in the system will ask you to change your password. Please do so. The password needs to comply to certain rules. It has to be at least 10 characters long, contain an uppercase and a lowercase letter, a digit and a special character.

This password is an example of a good password :


This is an example of a bad password :


You are now logged in to the ITR Office.

Inviting your first candidate

On the screen in the office you will see a section with the header "Invite new candidate".


Enter the e-mail address of the candidate into the box. The e-mail address below is an example. You will need to enter the e-mail address of your candidate. Please note that you can *NOT* use the e-mail address you use to login to the ITR with, since you have already used this for your office account.


Now press the "Start inviting a candidate" button. You will find that you end up in the New session screen.


Even thought the screen may look a bit overwhelming when you use it for the first time it is actually very simple to use.

What to do?

  1. In the Session description field enter a description for this session. A good example would be : Session for John Doe for job selection or Session for reference #1234
  2. OPTIONAL : In the First name and Last name box enter the first and last name of the candidate
  3. OPTIONAL : Select the proper gender for this candidate
  4. If you want to note down the password of this candidate so you can assist the candidate with logging in to the system later. The candidate will need to login at the same URL you do, but they use their own email address (which you just entered) and this password.
  5. Add a test to take to this session.
  6. Press the "Save session" button. The button will show a spinning circle until it is saved succesfully on the server. Then it will return to its previous state with a like icon.

The other fields are optional. You can explore them at a later moment in time if you want.

Selecting a test to add to the session can sometimes be a challenge. It works like this.

  1. Method 1. Click on the box and start typing a part of the test name. Click on the test you want.


  1. Method 2. Click on the arrow after the box and you will see the full list of test available in your language.


In the end you will see that the test is selected. If the test has norms you can tune them to your need by clicking on the norm name.


Now you need to decide whether you want to invite the candidate by mail or by any other means. You have the user id, password and URL. So you can already invite the candidate by letter, whatsapp or whatever you want.

Inviting by e-mail

Press the button "Invite candidate by e-mail". The following screen will appear.


Fill the Reply address field with your e-mail address so that when the candidate presses the reply button the mail is send to you. You can change the text in the field Body of this mail if you want. If you like the e-mail press the "Send mail now" button.

The system will confirm that the e-mail is sent. You will end up in the Create new candidate session screen. Press the back button next to the text Create new candidate session. You will now end up in the main switchboard screen where you started at after login.

And that is it ! You have successfully invited your first candidate.