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Welcome to the Internet Test Room (ITR) Wiki.


The ITR system helps you with creating, administering and reporting on basically anything that asks information from a person. This can be in the form of an exam, a psychological test, a survey or some other form of questionnaire.

You can support various business models with the system. Some common examples are the following.

  • You are a publisher and you want to sell your tests to your customers
  • A psychological testing firm that wants to test candidates
  • A school that wants to automate the exam process so less staff is needed and teachers have to spend less time on checking exams
  • A university that wants to give students access to a testing system so they can practice with certain tests
  • A company that runs surveys with groups of customers
  • et cetera

The ITR facilitates every step in this process and all roles which are often found in this process.

  • Candidate; a person that takes a test using the ITR system
  • Test taking support staff; a person that prepares test sessions for candidates and prepares the test reports
  • Test evaluator; a person that evaluates the results of the test and discusses this with the candidate
  • Report developer; a person that drafts and builds the reports and graphs in the ITR
  • Test Developer; a person that develops new tests in the ITR
  • Question type developer; a person that developers new question types for usage in tests
  • Test data researcher; a person that evaluates (anonimised) test results and asks a test developer to adapts the tests if needed
  • System maintenance engineer; a person that installs and optimizes the ITR system for daily usage
  • Master user; the person that maintains all organisations/departements/customers, gives credits to companies to take tests, changes server settings et cetera.

If you are new to the ITR system please read the Introduction.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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